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An industrial water filter is a device that removes unwanted material from water used in industrial applications.
These materials include particles, metals, chemicals, sediments, odour, minerals, and other impurities.

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Why Water Commercial Systems Are Necessary.

Provides complete water treatment solution for your domestic and commercial purposes.

  • Water is not just H2O, there are many types of micro-organisms present in it, degrading its quality. Here, commercial water filtration systems come into play.
  • Most industrial filtration plants use reverse osmosis (RO) and UV light technology to filter out contaminants.
  • Let us look at how an RO plant is used to remove chemical contaminants from water.

Martech ®Water Treatment Systems.

Adding sodium to water makes it soft (free from salt particles). Such water is perfect for domestic use as well as industrial use. When water is treated at commercial filtration plants, sodium ions along with other impurities are also separated. This separation of sodium ions from the water causes it to be soft. This means that if you are using soap with hard water to wash your hands, it will take more soap to make it lather.

Commercial water filtration systems are equipped with sodium, which allow for the addition of the necessary amount of sodium particles in the water.

You can find many contaminants in water that must be filtered out. Lead is one of them, as it can cause severe health issues. It is the primary cause of infertility, nerve damage, brain damage, severe anemia, and high blood pressure. A commercial water filtration system ensures safety from lead, providing you a safer and healthier lifestyle. 

Residences and commercial water filtration systems are equipped with various custom designed stages of purification. The water has to pass through all these stages before being used. However, it is up to the user to increase the number of stages as per their requirements. 

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Water Treatment Systems

Water treatment systems are designed to target a great number of different contaminants that exist in a wide range of water sources. These water sources can consist of.

Tap Water

Tap water is produced from the city and municipal water, and contains the lowest amount of TDS in comparison to the other water sources. Typically, tap water can possess a TDS value below 1,000 ppm TDS. 


Water treatment systems that deal with the desalination of seawater are generally referred to as seawater reverse osmosis systems (SWRO). This technology is designed for the removal of salt and minerals from the ocean and utilizes extremely high-pressure pumps that are required to handle the exceptionally high concentration of contaminants in seawater. The rule is that water which has an excess of 10,000 ppm TDS is considered seawater. 

Surface Water

Water treatment systems such as media filters and ultrafiltration work to remove suspended solids and turbidity from surface water. Surface water is produced from natural bodies of water, such as rainfall, and typically runs off surfaces, which ultimately leads to particles and sediments being picked up. These water treatment systems specifically eliminate these unwanted impurities from the water in order to produce clean, freshwater.

Brackish Water

Brackish water contains higher than ideal levels of TDS, which makes it unsuitable for the vast majority of industrial, commercial, and residential applications. Water that is considered brackish consists of both freshwater and saltwater. It contains anywhere between 3,000-10,000 ppm TDS.

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Martech-RO systems
RO System
200/400/600 - GPD

Quality water to prevent equipment from Scale Built up and corrosion . If the water TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids ) is high it really effects the water taste and damage

Main Line Filtration

A multimedia filter is used to reduce the level of suspended solids (turbidity) in process water. Suspended solids can consist of small particles such

Martech-Water softener
Water Softener

A water softener removes minerals that create water hardness, one of the most common water quality problems a homeowner encounters.

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